Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration
Fires can destroy your property and cause irrevocable damage. The flames can burn down every item in your property. The heat produced by the flames radiates and causes surrounding items to melt, crack and even shatter. After the flames have been put out, you are then left with smoke damage. Smoke damage left unaddressed can devastate your kitchen.

There are many things that can cause a fire in your home. Some of the most common causes of house fires include:

Cooking equipment: kitchen fires are the leading cause of house fires. If you leave cooking unattended, it is easy for the food to catch fire.

Electrical equipment: electrical faults are another leading cause of fires. If you don’t have regular maintenance checks on your electrical appliances, it is easy for a fire to start.

Candles: candles are often the cause of fires in homes. If you leave candles burning and they fall over, the flame can easily spread to other objects in the room.

Other common sources are chimney fire, fireworks, portable heaters, heating and ventilation fans, wood burning stove and neighbor’s fire

Smoke damage is the damage that is caused by smoke after a fire has been put out. Smoke damage can be just as devastating as the fire itself. The smoke from a fire can penetrate through cracks and crevices, contaminating everything in its path. Even if the fire didn’t destroy your property, the smoke can make it uninhabitable.

Smoke damage can cause a variety of problems in your home, including:

Respiratory problems: the smoke from a fire is full of harmful chemicals and particles that can cause respiratory problems. If you are exposed to smoke for an extended period, you could develop long-term respiratory issues.

Discoloration: the smoke from a fire can cause discoloration on walls, ceilings, and floors. The soot will settle on surfaces and will be difficult to remove without professional help.

Smoke odor: the smoke from a fire can leave a lingering smell in your home. The odor will be present even after the fire has been put out. The only way to get rid of the smoke odor is to have a professional deep clean your home.

If you have fire and smoke damage in your home, there are certain action items you need to take to ensure your safety and the safety of your family.

First and foremost, make sure that everyone in your home is safe and accounted for.

Once you have done that, you need to contact your insurance company and file a claim.

After you have done that, you need to contact a fire and smoke damage restoration company to come in and assess the damage. They will be able to tell you what needs to be done to restore your home back to its original condition.

Depending on the extent of the damage and materials of the item, it may not be salvageable. Cost is a factor that should also be taken into consideration as some items will cost significantly more to salvage
as it is to replace.

Fire and smoke damage can be very devastating, but with the help of a professional restoration company, you can get your home back to normal.

They will work quickly and efficiently to get your home back to the way it was before the fire happened.

So, if you have suffered from a fire and smoke damage, don't hesitate to contact AW Martin restoration company right away. We will be able to help you every step of the way.

The First Responders have left and now it’s time to get your business and life back in order. It’s a
complicated process that requires specific expertise in fire/smoke repair and restoration. A.W. Martin Restoration is uniquely qualified to get your home or business quickly and efficiently “like it never even

A.W. Martin Restoration has the specific expertise in fire/smoke repair and restoration that you need to get your home or business back in order after a fire. We will work quickly and efficiently to make sure that your property is restored to its pre-fire condition. You can count on us to get the job done right so
that you can move on with your life. Our goal is to make sure that you don’t have to worry about a thing during this difficult time.

We provide all the services you need under one roof – repair, restoration, and reconstruction. Most importantly, we work closely with your insurance company to be sure everything is done just right.

A.W. Martin Restoration Company is one of the most qualified companies in the business. We
understand that this is a difficult time for you, and we are here to support you through every step of the restoration process.

Our Comprehensive Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Services includes:

Board Up

Weather Proofing

Temporary Power Distribution

Water Extraction


Temperature and Climate Control

Odor Control

Property and Document Recovery

Data Recovery

Inventory of salvageable and non-salvageable content

Debris Removal


Pack content out and back in

Ultrasonic cleaning

Store, clean and deodorize content and structure

Complete repair back to pre-loss condition

Coordinate with your insurer

Complete documentation with photos

If you have recently experienced a fire, please contact us immediately and let us help you get your life back on track.