Mold Remediation
Every property is immune to one of the most common environmental hazards: Mold.
When mold damage takes over your business or home it can spread rapidly even under the right conditions thereby exposing your property to allergens and other health risks. Different types of molds can cause health issues of varying severity. Prolonged exposure to mold can develop into complicated chronic health conditions, including chronic headaches and fatigue, asthma, upper respiratory infection, dermatitis, memory loss, nerve issues, autoimmune disease, and much more.

Since mold damage can cause health problems and structural damage, removal will mitigate these issues and prevent it from spreading further. Mold removal also improves indoor air quality and can simultaneously remove and address other allergens like mildew from the affected area.

So Professional Mold Remediation service is essential in making sure mold growth stops and it is completely removed. Importantly, preventative measures must be put in place to ensure that mold doesn’t return.

AW Martin Mold Remediation experts perform a thorough inspection to determine extent of damage, mold or other contamination. We inspect infected parts of the building, HVAC systems, crawl spaces, water sources and thoroughly analyze air quality.

We use third-party (impartial) resources to test for moisture and contamination before and after treatments.

We design a comprehensive mold mitigation plan to IICRC and insurance industry standards. Our mold remediation experts repair and replace parts of the building that have been infected after removal and cleaning. AW Martin mold remediation experts use dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, treat surfaces and air with EPA-registered deodorizers, disinfectants, and antimicrobial treatments to prevent further cross-contamination.

Our mold remediation services will ensure that we restore living areas to original condition.

Step 1: Call a Certified Industrial Hygienist or Mold Inspector. They will determine if it is mold and write a protocol for proper remediation.

Step 2 : Call AW Martin Restoration at 609-799-1333. The sooner you call , the faster we can act because mold spreads rapidly in the right environment.

Step 3: AW Martin Mold Remediation experts will work with you to gather additional information regarding your specific situation.

Step 4 : AW Martin Mold Remediation experts perform a thorough inspection to determine extent of damage, mold or other contamination. We will evaluate the loss and provide you a quote along with comprehensive plan for mold remediation.

Step 5: Once you approve the quote and our plan , we will begin mold abatement and treatment. Our experts will treat and clean the affected area.

Step 6: Restoration : This is final step in Mold Remediation which involves any construction that may be required to bring your property back to normal.

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